VW Transporter Swivel Seats Retrofit

These swivel seats are made in Germany so are the best quality. They are widely used and known as the best swivel seats available on todays market. Its a "must have" addition to yor van conversion. Sportscraft Swivel Seats use a caster system where 4 nylon wheels help distribute the weight and at this same time minimizing rocking effect.


Drivers Side Base Kit will fit to standard seat base and will include the handbrake adaptor as the handbrake needs to be lowered to allow the seat to swivel*. The original brake trim will not fit with this hence why the new trim is needed.

Passanger's Side Base will fit to a standard seat base but IS NOT compatible with a double bench seat.

Gallery of VW Transporter Swivel Seats
Price Supply and Fit
  • VW Transporter Swivel Seat With Lowering Kit Retrofit £294 + vat fitted- PER SEAT
  • New Hand Brake Trim £85 +vat
  • price updated on 29/12/22

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