Premium Cobra Parkmaster R394 OEM Style Flush Fit Sensors

Perfect alternative to a OEM reversing  sensors.

Totally flush fit solution. Cobra’s R0394 latest innovation, providing a totally flush installation and a superior manufacturer style finish. All sensors will be painted to match the vehicle paint color to ensure they look an integral part of the vehicle bumper.

How does the rear system activate?

Rear parking sensors activate with reverse gear. The buzzer will beep once, The system will stay active as long as reverse gear is on. Closer you are to an obstacle, the faster it beeps, and finally at about one foot away it goes constant.

Price Supply and Fit
  • VW Transporter Rear Cobra/Vodafone Flush Fit R394 Parking Sensors £210 + Vat
  • Camper vans please add £110+ vat on top

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

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Installation takes approximately 2h

Please note, Cobra park master R394 Flush fit sensors are only suitable for new T5.1 facelift rear bumper that has a flat area where the flush fit sensors can be fitted. Please see the picture below for reference. If you have older round shaped bumper we would need to use R294 Sensors and spacer rings that allow for mounting onto angled surfaces and curved bumpers. :/


Gallery VW T5 Rear Flush Fit OEM Style Cobra Parkmaster R394 Parking Sensors