Interior LED Mood Light Kit VW T5 T6

Style the inside of your T6 with interior LED mood lighting. Lights can be dimmed by the use of your vehicle's interior light dimmer.  This product illuminates the footwell and doors. 

We can hook up footlights so they turn on/off with your headlights. Door cards illumination can work the same way or with ignition on/off plus additional switch to turn them On/Off at your leisure. 

Alternatively we could connect the door illumination to your leisure battery and fit an on/off switch so you could have them on/off at any time you choose. However this option would cost extra depending where your leisure battery is located. 

This kit is available in blue , white or red. 

Price Supply and Fit
  • Interior LED Mood Light Kit VW T5 & T6 £283+vat fitted

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

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Please note - The VW Holograms lights are not included in the price but are available for an extra £120+vat , please follow this link for more info for the VW T6 MOOD LIGHTS MODE 

Installation takes approximately 2h