OEM VW T5.1 Low Line Rear View Camera

VW Transporter T5.1  Lowline camera retrofit kit.

The VW T5 reversing camera starts working as soon as you engage reverse gear. The area behind your car will be displayed on your radio or navigation system display offering you a clear reversing image with easy-to-follow Fixed guidelines.

Also, OEM VW Rear View Camera works in conjunction with OPS Parking sensors. If you have both fitted, selecting reverse gear would turn the camera and OPS On. An overlayed image of the optical sensors will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen.  By touching the picture of the vehicle You will be able to bring the full size optical display on the screen and touching the RVC button on the right bottom corner of the screen will switch back to camera and OPS display.

Price Supply and Fit
  • VW Transporter T5.1 2010-2015 RVC Lowline Version Retrofit £515+vat
  • Please note, Above price is based on standard not modified vehicle. VW Campervans please add £115+vat on top.

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

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Installation takes approximately 2-3h

VW OEM RVC is only  available for T5s  with Tailgate. It will only work with RNS510, RNS315 and RCD510 if it is the version that has RVC camera input (most RCd510's would not have rear view camera input)

Gallery VW T5.1 Rear View Camera- Lowline