VW T6.1 Fog Lights Retrofit



Fog Lights Retrofit  VW T6.1

So let us talk about the fog lights retrofit...It may be confusing  as you've probably saw many different kits online. Some cheaper than others. There is a difference with these, let us explain...

Most of the kits you seen online come with a wiring harness and RELAY, those will be fine, those fogs will work as intended if fitted correctly. The RELAY will pull in and will switch them on when you turn the light switch to FOG position. That's  it. With those kits there is no need to connect to vehicle modules and no need to program anything. The kit is plug and play but the quality of some of the components can be very poor.

However this is not the way VW does it, VW factory fitted fog lights come with the cornering lights feature, and are wired via Body Control module (BCM) not a RELAY. The cornering lights feature activates one of the fogs when steering wheel is turned to one side (Left or right) and will turn off when driving straight. (The low beam headlights need to be on for this). The fog lights will switch off when you select revers gear. The only way to achieve all that is to have your fog lights connected via BCM. 

How it works? When you turn the light switch to FOG position, BCM receives 12v signal on pin number X, than it will activate both fog lights, when you put reverse on, BCM will recognize it and it will turn the fogs off, when you have your headlights on light and you take a left or right turn, again the BCM will recognize this and it will turn the left or right fog light on accordingly. Cornering lights are actually very useful feature as with a left turn you'll light up the edges of the road more and with a right turn you'll be lighting up the centre. You'll be able to see more in the darker hours and others will be able to see you more. 

Price Supply and Fit
  • VW T6.1 OEM VW FOGS + Cornering lights feature fitted £562+ VAT
  • VW T6.1 FOGS fitting only £281+vat
  • VW T6.1 FOGS coding only £120+vat

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Installation takes approx. 4h

We can supply our OEM VW kit or you can bring your own and we can fit it for you. 
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