MK6 Golf Flat Bottom Multi function Steering Wheel For VW T5

MK6 Golf Flat Bottom Multi function Steering Wheel is something that most of us, VWT5 owners would like to have... Why? Well because it looks cool, simple as that:)

We can replace your existing round multi function steering wheel with Flat Bottom Mk6 Golf Multi function Steering(part exchange welcome)  or if your T5 doesn't have  MFSW, we can retrofit it.  Once Your New Flat Bottom Multi function leather steering wheel has been fitted. You can use the multifunction buttons to operate your car's audio system, the multifunction display and the navigation system (if fitted) while keeping both hands on the wheel.

If Your Volkswagen Transporter T5 doesn't have MFD( Driver Information System), we will retrofit it at the same time at no extra cost, MFD Retrofit is included and comes with your new MFSW.

If you own 2010 manufactured VW T5, please contact us for more details regarding the MFD as on some  early T5.1 it is a bit more tricky to get Multi function buttons working with  MFD.

Also, if your van DOES have MFD and r/h/s stalk with RESET and TRIP buttons, ideally  the stalk would need replacing.
Normally vehicle that  comes with MFSW would not have  extra buttons on the r/h/s stalk.  If we level them they will interfere with the new Multi function steering wheel. Cost of r/h/s stalk with out trip buttons on would be £85 + vat.  Alternatively we can disconnect them at no extra cost. There are two types of the stalks, one for  T5 vans  with rear wiper and anther for vehicles  with out rear wipper. We will make sure you get the correct one 🙂

vw golf flat bottom multifunction steering wheel for vw transporter t5

vw golf flat bottom multifunction steering wheel for vw transporter t5



We also have professionally re-trimed OEM VW leather steering wheel for VW Transporter T5 🙂 If you need something unusual, different please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively clink this link for more info:

Price Supply and Fit
  • Retrimmed Flat Bottom Multifunction Steering Wheel £730+ vat
  • Retrimmed Flat Bottom Multifunction Steering Wheel with Paddle Shift for DSG £730+ vat
  • r/h/s Stalk with out TRIP function £85 + vat
  • Used Flat Bottom Multifunction Steering Wheel £510+ vat

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

You are welcome to stay in our waiting area, where we have free Wi-Fi connectivity, Smart TV , range of magazines, workshop viewing area, comfortable sofa and hot drinks. If you need to stay mobile for business and pleasure, we offer a loan car (subject to availability) while the work is being carried out. A range of vehicles available. Easy to book, fully comprehensive insurance available.

Installation takes approximately 1.5h

Please note, pictures and video you see on this page are  footage of the actual work we did on our customers vehicles. However the wheels we may have in stock at the time of fitting may be slightly different from what you see here, We will email you with pictures of the wheel we have in stock so you will be able to see what you would get.  For example, some of the wheels we have would not have  "R" badge on, or stitch may be different color, usually its gray or black.

But again, we will let you have a photo of what's available at the time:)

Gallery Flat Bottom Mk6 Golf Multi Function Sterring Wheel For Volkswagen T5.1