Interior Alarm & Tow-Away Protection for VW T5.1 and T6

Interior Alarm  & Tow-Away Protection for VW T5.1 and T6

Here we have a Complete security package for VW Transporter T5.1 and T6 Approved by VW, it's the Cobra 4615 Can Bus alarm.

You already probably know that most of the T5 and T6 transporters do not have a factory alarm fitted and if yours has, it may only be a deadlock and basic cabin protection... that's all. Our Volkswagen Transporter alarm package comes with Complete interior and tow-away protection . The drivers cabin area will be protected by two ultrasonic sensors placed on the windscreen A-pillars and the rear load area will be protected by Microwave sensors. Both sensors operate by detecting movement.

To protect you van against being towed away we have a level sensor which will trigger the alarm when the angle of the car is changed. Level sensors will also protect your Alloy wheels.

Also, as you probably know the most common way vehicles are stolen is by stealing the key or hacking into the vehicles electronic systems. According to the Metropolitan police, thieves gain entry either by using a device to block the radio signals when a victim uses their electronic key to lock the vehicle, or by smashing the driver’s side window. Once inside they plug a device into the onboard diagnostic port (OBD) and download the vehicle’s electronic information on to a blank key. This key allows them to drive the vehicle away. The whole process can take just seconds. To protect you against key theft, Cloning & Programming we have a PERSONAL DRIVER CARD - Click here to red more. This is an option that you may wish to consider.

Cobra 4615 Can bus Alarm package specification:

  • Two ultrasonic sensors for cabin protection.
  • Microwave sensors for rear load area
  • Level sensors
  • Boot, bonnet and door protection
  • High power wireless siren with backup battery
  • Personal emergency Pin Code
  • Small emergency panel push button (to type your emergency Pin Code)
  • Engine starting inhibition. As soon as the alarm is armed the engine start is not possible anymore
  • Alarm works with your OEM Vehicle remote, simply press LOCK button to arm  and UNLOCK button to Disarm
  • Optional Personal Driver Card- Read more here
  • Arming/Disarm buzzer

Price Supply and Fit
  • VW Transporter T5.1 and T6 Complete security package as explained above £515 + VAT
  • Personal Driver Card- £37 + VAT each
  • Please note, Above prices are based on standard not modified vehicle. VW California, Camper vans please add £58 vat on top

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

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Installation takes approximately 3-4h

The Vodafone 4615 alarm can be linked with the Vodafone Protect & Connect Tracker. 

When the alarm goes off, it will send a signal to the tracker and the tracker will then alert Vodafone Security centre and they will ring you immediately to report Theft attempt. This makes your alarm a 2-way system and there is no extra charge if you have both the 4615 can bus alarm and Vodafone Tracker fitted at the same time. 

Gallery VW T5.1 and T6 Cobra 4615 Can Bus Alarm