T6 Caravelle Comfort Dash Upgrade



Well, well, well...  here it is, so wanted T6 Caravelle Comfort Dash Upgrade- Available now for any VW T6. 

This upgrade is available in a few trim finishes. 

Top Caravelle Dashboard - Lower Trims Options

Lower trims are available in  5 finishes. 

  1. Golden chestnut
  2. Birds eye maple
  3. Linearus premium
  4. Structural
  5. New brushed

The "Birds eye maple" and "Golden chestnut" are available only for vehicles with Climatronic, ( front and rear heating) and it will add £96+vat to the total cost as those trims  simply cost more. 

T6 Caravelle Comfort Dash Trims options



Top Caravelle Dashboard - Heater controls, Glove box, Vents and Instrument cluster trim Options

Top  dash elements  are available in  5 finishes. 

  1. Black metallic
  2. Bage metallic
  3. Cherry red
  4. Bambus garden green metallic
  5. Acapulco blue metallic



Style the inside of your T6 with interior LED mood lighting. more info HERE 

Price Supply and Fit
  • Top Caravelle Dashboard T6 £2428+vat fitted
  • Lower Caravelle Comfort Dashboard £390+vat if fitted at the same time as top dash
Extras Price Supply and Fit
  • USB port for glovebox £28+vat fitted
  • USB Retention kit for aftermarket head unit £30+vat each, (extra Comfort dash usb port £30+vat on top )

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

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Installation takes one full day.