Here we had a 68 plate T6 camper van for few days for a few quite interesting , life changing 🙂 upgrades . 


  1. OEM VW head lights and auto levelling system- no aftermarket bulbs or headlights will beat them, simply  the best lights you can get for T6 Transporter. Here is a link to them in action
  2. Rear OEM VW T6.1 LED TailLighst- well, well , well… awesome lights , those are making the van standing out in  the crowd  … 
  3. Front optical parking sensors-  the van came with factory rear sensors- we retrofired front sensors and made it all working as per factory front and rear 🙂 simple as that . 
  4. interior ambient lighting upgrade, door cards illumination and foot well lights in red,
  5. VW Door holograms, 🙂 nice ad on 
  6. OEM VW rear spoiler, the van had fiber glass spoiler that was badly painted,  the best solution for it was to get rid of it and get new oem , factory painted rear spoiler that fits perfectly , can’t ask for more for £250;) 
  7. Ghost 2 immobilizer- well, a great tool to keep your van on your drive;) 
  8. Front VW T6  caravelle grille with chrome strips and lower grille chrome strips- just go along nicely with the new headlights 🙂 
  9. Power folding mirrors 🙂