Re-Trimmed DSG paddle shift Steering Wheels for VW Transporter T6

Professionally re-trimed OEM VW leather DSG paddle shift Steering Wheels for VW Transporter T6. 


Its a must be. Owning a DSG VAN with out a Steering wheel with a Paddle Sifters its like having a Iphone without Facebook on it 😉 

Lets be serious, DSG paddles Sifters will simply give you  more fun. It will simply make it easier as you would not need to reach for the gear shift knob every time you need reduce the gear ... well, in fact on the corner it may be actually to late before you switch your DSG to manual mode  and hit it down to reduce the gear... And this is the key... with our flat bottom DSG paddle shift steering wheel the down/up/off button is just there when you need it...just  press it...done...  than hold +, OFF button to come back  to the normal auto mode 🙂 

Want more... ? here it is 🙂 We can re trim your DSG paddle shift steering wheel as you wish, yes.. perforated leather, smooth leather , perforated on half, smooth on sides, red stitch, blue stitch, grey stitch, white, yellow, orange... You name it, we will do the rest. 

We usually have stock of gray and red stitch wheels. If you need anything different than on the photos below, simply get in touch.   

Professionally re-trimed gear knob and gaiter available 

And we can do even more,  we can get you gear knob and gaiter re trimmed to match your new wheel.

We can supply or supply and fit it for you. 

In this cause will need your gear knob in exchange or we may ask you to post your own to us, depending if we have spare one in stock 🙂 


Price Supply and Fit
  • Re-Trimmed DSG paddle shift Steering Wheels for VW Transporter T6 £305+ vat fitted
  • Alacantara on half of the wheel extra £30
  • Alacantara allround the wheel extra £60

To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions

You are welcome to stay in our waiting area, where we have free Wi-Fi connectivity, Smart TV , range of magazines, workshop viewing area, comfortable sofa and hot drinks. If you need to stay mobile for business and pleasure, we offer a loan car (subject to availability) while the work is being carried out. A range of vehicles available. Easy to book, fully comprehensive insurance available.

Installation takes approximately 1h


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