vw t6 t5 carpet lining  services

vw t6 t5 carpet lining services

Basic Camper Conversion Package 

This is minimum, I woudl say to keep you going when camping, well obviously you are the one to decide what it's a MUST BE etc... this solution is sort of start up think... something that you can live  with for a while, take your van camping and enjoy  the most of it to  at later date add features like kitchen units, pop top  etc to it. 

Everything we do, the way we do it will allow you to easily upgrade your camper in the feature. When fitting  electrics, diesel heater etc we will  make sure we know what your plans are and  we will do our best to make it as easy as possible to achieve them... what does that mean to you? For example we will not fit towing module under the double passenger  seat if you tell us you are planing to have double swivel base fitted 🙂 simple as that. 


Our Basic Camper Conversion Package includes

  1. Three stage insulation and carpet lining 
  2. Leisure battery fitted under driver or passenger seat- includes split charging system or DC-DC charger when fitting to T6
  3. 12v cigarette lighter, lights switch, battery test- fitted with CBE three way frame - fitting location to be agreed. 
  4. Four  touch controlled led lights - fitted on the ceiling 
  5.  Altro Floor , fitted on 12mm ply, floor insulated and soundproofed
  6. Kombi step with Courtesy  light wired up as per factory standard. 
  7. Kombi Rear Threshold Step
  8. Two side opening windows- including black out curtains 
  9. Tailgate or barn door windows ply panels-carpeted to match(only  if we don't fit rear windows) 
  10. Front cabin - VW California magnetic curtains



VW T5 or T5.1 Our basic package cost is £2900+vat , for VW T6 please add extra £160, this is to cover DC-DC charger. 

This is only a proposal and something we based our pricing on. Our package can be customized to suite your needs. We also have a lot of extras available, if you need anything else, please feel free to let us know what it is , we will be happy to do you a deal on it, if fitted at the same time:)


To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions. Conversion will take 5 working days.