Alpine SPC-106T61 – 16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6.1

We are pleased to offer this fantastic custom fit Alpine SPC-106T61 – 16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6.1. 

Upgrade your Volkswagen T6.1 with the new SPC-106T61 high-end component speaker system.

This Alpine Adventure Audio system for the Volkswagen T6.1 perfectly unites function with form: enjoy audiophile grade sound quality, while the beautiful photo-etched stainless-steel tweeter grills simply look stunning in your A-pillars.

The High-end tweeters let you hear every note with stunning clarity and fast dynamics, while the 16,5 cm mid-range door speakers produce a wide frequency range that uncovers the rich details of every audio track – delivering your favorite songs with powerful mid-bass and amazing texture and accuracy

Due to the original VW connectors and usage of the original wiring harness, installation is fast and easy. The system is also compatible with the front windscreen roller blinds in the VW T6.1 California.

16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6.1

16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6.1

16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6.1

Upgrade to Adventure Audio: Concert Ensemble

Get the ultimate listening experience by upgrading your SPC-106T61 speaker system with the 550 Watts DSP amplifier & subwoofer kit SPC-D84AT6 for the Volkswagen T6.1. The DSP amplifier strongly increases power output and dynamic of your Adventure Audio system and features vehicle specific DSP sound settings and a plug-and-play wiring harness. Adding a 300 Watts dual voice coil 20cm subwoofer below the passenger seat in a sealed, custom fit enclosure results in rich, deep bass and an overall smooth and balanced sound experience. The subwoofer is also compatible with the rotary passenger seat in the T6.1 California.



Price Supply and Fit
  • Volkswagen T6.1 Alpine SPC-106T61 speakers kit supply and fit £430+vat fitted
  • Upgrade to Adventure Audio amplifier & subwoofer kit SPC-D84AT6 £525+ vat

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Installation takes approx 2-4h 

Alpine SPC-106T61 – VW Transporter T6.1